SmarterHQ Brings Personalization To Oracle Commerce Cloud Customers

Source: Retail Touch Points

SmarterHQ has revealed that its personalization technology is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace for Oracle Commerce Cloud customers. The platform is designed to empower marketers and e-Commerce professionals to understand and respond to customer interactions in real time based on their online and offline behavior.

Oracle Cloud customers that download the SmarterHQ app will be able to set up customer segments based on any customer interaction with their web site, product catalog and brick-and-mortar location.

With the platform, marketers can:

  • Automate personalized web site and email experiences based on real-time interactions with campaigns such as cart and browse abandonment, welcome series, email collection lightbox and web site geotargeting; and

  • Bring customers back to the web site with campaigns such as back in stock, low inventory, price drop, new products, disengaging customer, product recommendations and more.

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace offers an interface to browse and search for available applications and services, as well as user ratings and reviews designed to help customers determine the best business solutions for their organization. With its automated application installation features, customers can deploy provider business applications from a centralized cloud interface.