A Blueprint for Success in Value-based Care

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DARIEN, Conn., June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Remedy Partners, the episodes of care company and provider of data-driven technology and services for value-based care, today announced results that demonstrate the positive impact of bundled payments.  Remedy Partners delivers proven value-based care solutions that enable payers, employers and providers bearing risk to organize and finance healthcare delivery for a patient’s episode of care through data-driven technologies.

In data that covers the past 12 months of performance, Remedy reported a $500 million reduction in the cost of unnecessary medical expense from its bundled payments programs at more than 1,000 healthcare locations in 43 states. These cost reductions were accomplished by a number of leading quality improvements that support a patient-centric approach, such as reduction in hospital readmissions by 6.1 % and reduction of 6.3% reduction in Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) length of stay.

In addition to these outcomes, Remedy shared that the Company has achieved over 1,000 unique Electronic Health Record (EHR) connectivity integrations, which includes tens of millions of monthly dynamic interfaces with all the major systems used nationwide. The ability to share real-time information with EHRs and the Remedy Partners data-driven technology platform, Episode Connect™, enables the coordinated care that is a hallmark of the value-based approach.

“With these latest results, Remedy is proving the efficacy and scalability of a data- driven approach to value based care. These positive outcomes indicate that bundled payments promise to be as successful in a managed care environment as they have been under the BPCI program,” says Carolyn Magill, CEO.

Remedy Partners implements its data-driven bundled payment platform to improve continuity of care, decision support and a cloud-based administrative technical framework for payers, providers and their patients. As the largest awardee convener under Medicare’s Bundle Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) program, helping over 50 percent of program participants implement bundled payment models, the Company is currently implementing these programs across managed care, self-insured employers, ACOs and delegated providers that bear risk.

About Remedy

Remedy Partners delivers software and services that enable payers, employers and providers with delegated risk to organize and finance healthcare delivery around a patient’s episode of care. The company currently manages bundled payments programs at more than 1,000 healthcare locations, in partnership with hospitals, physician groups, health systems, skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies. Remedy is the largest awardee-convener under the BPCI program, managing approximately $5 billion under Medicare Fee-For-Service and helping more than half of program participants implement bundled payment models. Remedy’s products and services are designed to support episodic care across the healthcare spectrum, including managed care and ACOs. Please follow Remedy Partners on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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